Why I’m Skipping Work Today


May 6-7 are very important days. No, this does not have anything to do with a sporting event, political event, or summer movie release. The ramifications of these two days might be so much more important.

This Wednesday and Thursday marks the first ever D6 Days. What is D6 Days? Great question! And here’s your answer:

Ministers, volunteers, and parents will enjoy over 20 sessions from some of the most trusted voices on the subject of Family Ministry over a two day period. The best part is that it’s totally online and totally free. This will be two days for you to stop, learn, pray, and dream of what God can do through your church to bring Deuteronomy 6 to life in the families that you serve. On May 6th and 7th we’ll come together for this online conference that will inspire all of us to connect the church and the home.

Perhaps you noticed that it’s FREE! That’s right. No charge at all. But…you have to sign up! And you can do that by visiting d6days.com. It’s that simple!

Grab your team, push aside work for a couple hours or a couple days, and spend time learning about Family Ministry. Want to find out more? Watch this short video, and we’ll see you on May 6 and 7!


Author: David Jones

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