What’s Up with The Brink?


Over the past few weeks we’ve received quite a few questions similar to these…

  • “What’s up with The Brink Podcast?”
  • “What’s up with thebrinkonline.com?”
  • “What’s up with The Brink magazine?”
  • “What type of person intentionally buys a selfie stick?”

While we don’t have answers to all four of those questions, we think we can provide some good info on the first three.

As some of you know, Randall House and D6, the parent companies of The Brink, are undergoing some major changes. In the Fall of 2015, we will be releasing D6 2Gen Curriculum–essentially a relaunch of our current curriculum line. This revamped curriculum touches everything we do–from The Brink magazine, to The Brink Leader’s Pack, to our teen magazines, to our children’s curriculum, and more. As a result, our company is putting in hundreds of hours (not an exaggeration) to improve every aspect of what we do.

Because we’re only given 24 hours in each day, we’ve had to make some tradeoffs for the time being. Currently, we’ve put The Brink Podcast on hiatus while we work on more pressing matters. But don’t worry. It will return in the summer or fall, and it will be better than ever.

Being the astute people that you are, you’ve also noticed that thebrinkonline.com hasn’t been updated quite as often as it once was. Again, this is a temporary tradeoff. While the site will still continue to be updated every so often, you will see more changes coming in the summer/fall, with more writers and more frequent updates.

And The Brink magazine? There’s no tradeoff here. Our summer magazine has just come off the presses and we think you will love it! Why? Here’s a sneak peek at the featured articles:

  • “Cheez-It Crackers, Solid Food, and Spiritual Maturity” by Ashley Hendley
  • “The Mingling of Souls: An Interview with Matt Chandler”
  • “Responding to Intolerance: From Life Transformation to World Transformation” by Matthew Steven Bracey
  • “Learning Through Lament: When God’s Plans Bring Pain” by Esther Fleece
  • Nameless: Vanishing Dreams of the Gridiron”

But even the magazine will see some changes in the fall. You can expect new columnists, new features, a new design, and 6 days of devotions in the magazine! That’s right! No more messy QR codes. We’re putting all 6 days of devotions in the magazine! We may have some additional surprises as well.

We’re excited about the changes that are coming, and we hope that you are too! In the meantime, we’d love to get your feedback so we can make our products the best they can possibly be. If you have ever seen The Brink magazine, help us out by clicking on the link below and taking the survey:

The Brink Magazine Survey

If you take the survey, you’ll be eligible to win a $50 Amazon card, $15 Starbucks card, $10 iTunes card, and more. Check it out. It will only take 5-10 minutes.

Thank you for taking part in what Randall House and The Brink are doing. We thank you for being a faithful reader and a young adult who wants to change the world for Christ.

If you ever have any questions or comments, please let me know. You can email me at david.jones@randallhouse.com.

I might even send you a selfie stick.

Author: David Jones

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