The Whisper of God

Up ahead gaped the open mouth of a large cave. Hungry and thirsty, he stumbled into its darkness. Exhaustion forced him to the ground. He had been running for days and now all he wanted to do was rest. And sleep! Sweet, peaceful oblivion! That’s what he needed.

Sometime in the night a strong wind tore across the mountainside. Elijah went out upon the mountain as the winds blew harder and harder. The storm blew with such force trees and rocks were jolted from their places. Then, as if on cue, the mountain began to shake, seeming to crumble underneath him. Fear gripped his heart like he’d never known before. Never in all his life had he lived through such a rage of nature.

What was that he smelled? Smoke. He smelled smoke! A bolt of lightning must have struck a tree, causing a fire to burn what little was left standing. Elijah stood as if in a trance. He looked all around him; there was nothing left. What had not been destroyed by the great wind and mighty earthquake, the fire had burned. Now what would he do?

In that one night all the forces of nature had converged upon one spot: wind, earthquake, fire. What a magnificent display of the power of God! But wait, what was that? That sounded like someone whispered his name!

Elijah crept out from his hiding place, shivering from the fear that still held him in its grasp. There it was again—the sound of a low whisper. The voice spoke again; it was the whisper of God.

Another time a storm raged. This time is was on the Sea of Galilee and the twelve disciples were trying to reach the other side. But the harder they rowed, the farther from shore it seemed they were. Waves of water washed over the sides of the boat. At any moment the boat could sink. It was filling with water faster than they could bail.

Down in the bottom of the boat Jesus lay sleeping. Someone shook Him awake. “Master, don’t you care we are about to sink? Help us!” Jesus stood up, walked to the front of the boat, and raised his arms toward heaven. Then in a quiet voice, almost like a whisper, Jesus said, “Peace! Be still!”

Once again the whisper of God could be heard above the raging torrents of nature, turned loose to wreak its havoc. Once again the tumult ceased. Where do you look for the whisper of God? Do you see His handiwork in the mighty displays of nature? Do you observe His power in the transformation that takes place in people’s lives when they come to know Him personally? Do you look for Him amid the fears, uncertainties, and doubts of everyday life? Have you found Him yet?

Let the winds die down; let the thunder and lightning subside; wait for the trembling to come to a standstill; look for a lull in the storm and you will hear it-—the low whisper of God.

Author: Dianne Sargent

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