Instagram Scavenger Hunt


If you subscribe to The Brink magazine, you may have noticed our idea for an Instagram Scavenger Hunt in theKnow (pg. 9). Here are a few possible ideas that will help your group have some fun!

A picture of someone in your group working the Drive-Thru at a fast food restaurant.

A picture of a die-hard sports fan in your group wearing the apparel of a rival team.

A picture of a farm animal.

Video of at least four strangers singing and doing the motions to “YMCA.”

Video of at least four people each singing a different line to “Build Me Up Buttercup”

Video of a stranger telling you what the fox actually says.

A picture of an expired license plate.

A picture of the remnants of a former Blockbuster store.

A picture of a “House for Sale” sign.

Video of a cop singing the “Cops” theme song (“Bad Boys”) with you.

A picture or video of a team member rubbing a bald man’s head.

A picture of a license plate from Vermont or Wyoming (Bonus ____ points if the plate is expired as well.)

Video of one person in your group coming down a slide at a McDonald’s Play Place

A picture of an unsuspecting church member out in public (no setting it up)

A picture of a person who looks like a celebrity (Bonus ____ points if you get his or her autography as that celebrity)

Video of a stranger singing the theme from “Gilligan’s Island”

Video of everyone in your group drinking out of a can of Tab soda.

Video of a person in your group giving hugs to five strangers.


NO Speeding!!!

No using Google Images or any other Internet search to find your pictures or videos

You must be back at the meeting point by ______ or you will be penalized 50 points for every minute late

Be Nice!  Don’t irritate people or cause trouble!

Do NOT take a camera into a store without asking permission and telling them what you are doing

DO NOT Cheat!

Do NOT bombard people (20 people running up to 1 person can be a little discomforting!)

Author: David Jones

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