In Step With Jesus

Andrew raised his arms and threw with all his might. The net sailed over his head and out into the water, landing exactly where he wanted it. Slowly he began the arduous task of hauling in the net with its catch. A smile played along his lips. He enjoyed being out on the water, tasting the salt in the wind as the waves rocked the boat back and forth. Business was good; all the hard work he and his brother had done was finally paying off. They even had plans of adding another boat to their fishing business. Maybe that could happen before the next fishing season got under way.

Walking alongside the Sea of Galilee, Jesus stopped to watch as Simon and Andrew cast their nets. He called to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” The Scripture says that they immediately left their nets and followed Him.

The nets symbolized everything about those two men. They were fishermen; this was their livelihood, the way they paid their bills. It was their identity; who they were. But at the call of Jesus, both unhesitatingly dropped their nets, docked their boat, and got in step with Jesus. These men left behind all they had been previously and followed Jesus of Nazareth.

When Jesus calls us today, He asks us to do the same thing Simon and Andrew did—to leave all and follow Him. Maybe we do not have to change our occupation as those two did. That depends upon the role Jesus has for each of us in His kingdom’s work, but our decision to become a follower of Jesus Christ entails a complete surrender of who we are, our dreams and aspirations, as we give the Lord Jesus Christ first place in our lives.

Why would two fishermen willingly turn their backs on who they were to become something completely different? Why should you and I be willing to do that? Could it be because Jesus has made a better offer? How does the best this world has to offer stack up against what you have when you become a follower of the Son of God? How do you think fishing compared to eternal life? When Jesus calls you to come follow Him, lay aside whatever you’re doing and get in step with Jesus. You will become a fisher of men.

Author: Dianne Sargent

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