Christmas Movie Challenge


Everyone loves a good Christmas classic. Yet, have you ever considered how many Christmas classics you haven’t seen? Whether it’s Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, A Christmas Story, or even Elf, chances are good there’s a popular Christmas movie out there that has escaped your viewing.

The Brink Podcast has a solution for the problem. This year, we are participating in a Christmas Movie Challenge. Using this Top 20 Christmas Movies list from AMC, each member of The Brink Podcast has made a list of the Christmas classics he or she hasn’t seen. On Episode 77 of The Brink Podcast, each member also drew a name. In the spirit of Secret Santa, each member will choose an unwatched movie for the person he or she drew. Sometime before our special Christmas Podcast, that movie will have to be watched. It will be reviewed on the Christmas Podcast.

If you’re shocked by how few Christmas classics you’ve seen, we’d like you to take part in this Christmas Movie Challenge with us. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Examine this list of the Top 20 Christmas Movies from AMC. (Note: To add more variety, we also added Jingle All the Way, Ernest Saves Christmas, The Santa Clause 2, The Polar Express, Home Alone 2, and Arthur Christmas to the list.)

2. Using AMC’s list (and our added list), make a list of all the Christmas movies you haven’t seen.

3. Email your list of unwatched movies to with the subject, “Christmas Movie Challenge.”

4. We will pick out a Christmas movie for you (and your family) to watch this Christmas season. Also, if you’d like to write a short review of the movie or upload a review to YouTube, we might mention it on the Podcast or upload it to our site.

And to keep everything family friendly, we will make sure every movie we choose falls into the G-PG range.

We hope you’ll take part in this with us and discover a Christmas classic that is brand new to you!


Author: David Jones

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